Wood Blanks

The wood blanks that we show here are basically turning wood blanks that are used on a wood lathe. Many of these blanks have been squared or rough-turned to a more uniform size. A rough turned blank is not only easier to turn, but it also air-dries much more quickly.

Many wood turners prefer to turn green or partially air-dried wood, as opposed to a kiln-dried blank because a green blank is easier to shape. The challenge with green wood is that when it begins to dry, it also shrinks in size and can change shape. For example, a rounded bowl created with green wood, can easily become an elongated bowl after it's had a chance to air dry over the span of several months or so.

Less dense woods tend to shrink, warp and twist as much. More dense woods like ebony or rosewood tend to maintain their shape much better and will typically not warp and twist as much as an air-dried, domestic wood.

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Exotic East Indian Rosewood Wood Bowl Turning Blank (2 1/4'' x 4'' x 4'')
Buy It Now Price: $6.19
Huge Exotic Granadillo Wood Bowl Turning Blank (12
Buy It Now Price: $67.04
Gorgeous Exotic Bubinga Wood Turning Bowl Blank (3'' x 6 1/4'' x 6 1/4'')
Buy It Now Price: $30.94
Exotic Yucatan Rosewood Wood Turning Bowl Blank (3'' x 6 1/4'' x 6 1/4'')
Buy It Now Price: $20.63
Exotic Wenge Wood Bowl Turning Blank (6
Buy It Now Price: $16.50
Exotic Orange Agate Wood Bowl Turning Blank 2 1/2'' x 10 1/4'')
Buy It Now Price: $25.79
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