Padauk (Pterocarpus soyauxii ) comes from Africa, primarily Nigeria, Cameroon, French Equatorial Africa, and the Congo.

The heartwood of Padauk is distinctive because of its red color and grayish-white sapwood. The texture of Padauk is coarse and slightly uneven. The grain is fairly straight, but at times it is interlocked which produces a striped pattern on quartered pieces.

The wood machines, glues and finishes easily and has a low occurence of shrinkage and warpage. In the United States it is used as a veneer, and for decorative arts and crafts.

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6 Board Feet Of 4/4 Padauk
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L44 Padauk Exotic Lumber (8
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Padauk Lumber 3/4
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Padauk Lumber 3/4
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Exotic Padauk Project Piece (1 1/8'' x 5 1/2'' x 28 1/8'')
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Bright Coloured Padauk Project Piece (5/16'' x 5 1/4'' x 43 1/2'')
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