Koa Wood

hawaiian koa

Hawaiian Koa (Acacia koa) is a beautiful, and richly colored and patterned hardwood. It is prominently represented in early Hawaiian culture and is the most valuable of any timber species native to Hawaii.

Koa wood can be highly polished to emphasize its deep reddish coloration with wavy grain. It is used for furniture, paneling, turned bowls and most importantly, ukuleles.

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Hawaiian Koa Four Pieces 22x5x1
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Curly Koa From Hawaii 1/4 Sawn Instrument Grade Cut Offs For Instrument Making
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Curly Koa 1/4 sawn instrument grade 35 pcs approx 5x8
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Curly Koa from Hawaii 1/4 sawn instrument grade cut offs 52 pcs approx 4x6
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1/4 sawn instrument grade Curly Koa from Hawaii for fine woodworking 28 pcs
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